Course Site

All of the reading material you will need to pass this course is contained within Coursera. Additional resources may be added as optional material, but everything will be online and free.


For the coding content you may want to access my CodePen account. CodePen is a website that allows you to modify copies of my code. In real time you can see how your changes affect the website we are working on. The one issue that some students have with CodePen is that it doesn't require you to link your files together. So if you want to write the code right on your machine, you will need to know how to link the code. Don't worry, I do cover that in class.

Discussion Boards

The best way to get help is to utilize the discussion boards. I know that this may be new to many of you so let me explain how the discussion boards work. We always have one "friendly" where are you from/introduce yourself board where people tend to be social. Other than that we encourage people to use the discussion section that goes with the week you are on. Notice that I said "use" not "post." We really want to encourage you to read before you post. You will often find your question already there. If you don't find your question, make sure to post. There are no "stupid" questions. Ever. (Sometimes you may just have found a mistake on my part that I will need to fix.)

Course Slides