Early Coding

One of the challenges of teaching about web design is that there are always multiple ways to demonstrate different concepts. For this course I am always going to choose the way that most closely illustrates our most recent lectures. So if you are an experienced web designer you may certainly prefer a different method, probably even a "better" method. But for now I am going to stick to the most basic of properties. I encourage you to post in the discussion sections if you want to share alternate methods.

In the next video I am going to walk you through some code. I hope you will take the time to play with this code or make your own version of the site. If you check the Resources tab you will find all of the code I use in this course. If you would like to find a direct link to this code though, you can find it at:

Unstyled code: http://codepen.io/ColleenEMc/pen/MaOrmE

Styled code: http://codepen.io/ColleenEMc/pen/MaOrmv